The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Western Canada) Association

320-4900 Cartier Street
Vancouver, BC
V6M 4H2
President's Message
Dear Members,

We are delighted that many of you and your families together with friends came to join us at the 18th AGM/Annual Dinner held in September last year. The 2014 - 2015 Board of Directors has been posted on our website.

Your continued active support has tremendously encouraged us to strive for more interesting and exciting programs for the year.
To support the goals and activities of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, including both the former Hong Kong Polytechnic and the Technical College (hereafter referred to as the “PolyU”), within the purview of the Association as an alumni association of the PolyU.

Board of Directors
Annual Report
To develop and maintain close relationship and contact between the PolyU and its graduates and former faculties and staff members in Western Canada.
To enhance the friendship, communications and fellowship among the Association’s members and their integration into the Canadian community.
To organize and promote projects and activities for the welfare and common interests of the Association’s members and the community at large.

To promote better communication, interaction and linkage between the PolyU and Canadian education institutions as well as the Western Canada community.
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